Introduction to Juvenile Court Proceedings

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This 1.5-day course provides an overview of general concepts that apply to juvenile proceedings under G.S. Chapter 7B: specifically, abuse, neglect, dependency; termination of parental rights; delinquency; and undisciplined court actions. The course focuses on 

  • the concept of juvenile court,  
  • why and how juvenile proceedings are different,  
  • the importance of G.S. Chapter 7B for substantive and procedural law,  
  • the impact on constitutional rights of the parties,
  • managing the juvenile courtroom,  
  • confidentiality of court and agency records in juvenile proceedings, and  
  • a discussion of who the juveniles are that appear in the juvenile courtroom.  

This introductory course addresses global topics that apply to both types of juvenile proceedings and provides the framework for those proceedings such that these general topics will not be addressed in detail in the individual course offerings for Abuse, Neglect, Dependency and Termination of Parental Rights (A/N/D – TPR) and the Juvenile Delinquency courses offered at a later time.

This is the first course for juvenile court certification. If a judge completed either the A/N/D – TPR or Delinquency course prior to 2021, it is not required. Information about juvenile court certification is on the School’s website, here.

This is one of five required courses for Juvenile Court Certification.

CJE will be offered.

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