When Differences of Opinion Escalate: Conflict Resolution Skills for Local Elected Officials

LELA 201: When Differences of Opinion Escalate: Conflict Resolution Skills for Local Elected Officials will be offered March 23, 2022 ONLINE via Zoom. The class begins at 10:00 a.m. and concludes at 2:30 p.m. with a lunch break inbetween. 

Conflict at its lowest level is a difference of opinion. However, these differences can escalate and result in strained relationships that impede problem solving, successful goal attainment, and effective governance. We do not have to be resigned to these uncomfortable moments and resort to avoidance or aggression. There is a middle path to responding to conflicts in a civil fashion that supports hearing all sides of an issue regardless of the final outcome.   

If you want to influence others to listen to your perspective, if you want to reduce being misunderstood and misunderstanding others, if you want to manage the inevitable tensions that arise for elected officials with one another, citizens and staff, and if you want to maximize your effectiveness as an elected official to carry out your vision for running for office in the first place, there are tools to add to your toolbox.

In this workshop, you will strengthen your ability to effectively manage conflict in a variety of settings by: 

a)     Identifying when differences of opinion are about to escalate

b)     Adding tools that help in deescalating conflicts

c)     Practicing five methods for conflict resolution


This highly interactive video workshop will help you develop the leadership skills that allow you to express principled differences in a civil way.  

Dr. Heather Lee of Developmental Associates offers an interactive online workshop using presentation, video, small group discussions, and scenario practices to help improve your ability to identify and manage conflict.

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