In re A.M., 247 N.C. App. 672 (2016)

Remanded in part
  • G.S. 7B-904(d) authorizes a court to order a parent to pay a reasonable amount of child support when custody of the child is ordered to someone other than the parent. The court must find the parent is able to pay support, and if so, the court orders an amount of child support determined by G.S. 50-13.4, which requires findings of fact and conclusions of law that address the child’s reasonable needs and the parent’s ability to pay. 
  •  The court’s order that the parents “arrange to provide child support for the benefit of their children” does not comply with G.S. 7B-904(d). Remanded for findings that address the respondent mother’s income, ability to work, and ability to pay; the reasonable needs of the children; and the amount of child support.
Abuse, Neglect, Dependency
Disposition (All Stages Post-Adjudication)
Child Support
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