In re C.B., 245 N.C. App. 197 (2016)

There is a dissent
based on a parent’s constitutional right to choose a different course of medical treatment for her child than what is recommended by the medical provider and preferred by DSS.

A child is dependent when her parent (guardian or custodian) (1) is unable to provide for her care or supervision and (2) lacks an appropriate alternative child care arrangement. The findings of fact that show

  • the 10-year old child had significant mental health issues resulting in multiple psychiatric hospitalizations in a short period of time;
  • respondent mother refused to participate in and obstructed the development of an appropriate hospital discharge plan for her daughter;
  • respondent mother failed to obtain any meaningful mental health services for her daughter when her daughter was in her custody; and
  • respondent mother failed to identify any viable placement alternatives outside of the mother’s home support the court’s determination that the child was dependent. 
Abuse, Neglect, Dependency
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