In re H.D., 239 N.C. App. 318 (2015)


Applying the holding of In re L.M.T., 367 N.C. 165 (2013), the permanency planning order was a cease reunification order based upon the findings of mother’s (1) failure to attend visits and complete her case plan (2) pending criminal charges and failure to participate in drug screens, and (3) as a result, the inability of the children’s return home within six months. The order “embraces the substance of the statutory provisions requiring findings of fact that further reunification efforts would be futile or would be inconsistent with the juvenile’s health, safety, and need for a safe, permanent home within a reasonable period of time” as required in G.S. 7B-507(b)(1).

Abuse, Neglect, Dependency
Cease Reunification
De Facto Order
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