In re M.A.E., 242 N.C. App. 312 (2015) (originally unpublished but subsequently published)


The definition of abuse at G.S. 7B-101(1)d. includes a parent who has permitted or encouraged the commission of certain sex crimes by, with, or upon the child. The evidence supported the court’s findings that the older sibling repeatedly sexually abused the younger sibling and the respondent parents were aware of the abuse based on the younger sibling’s disclosures of her victimization. The evidence also showed the older sibling was adjudicated delinquent after admitting to multiple counts of second degree statutory rape and second degree statutory sexual offenses against his younger sisters. The evidence further supports the finding that the respondent parents did not take appropriate remedial measures to prevent the sexual abuse from recurring. Based on the definition of abuse, the older sibling who committed the acts and the younger sibling victim are abused juveniles.

Abuse, Neglect, Dependency
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