In re T.N.G., 244 N.C. App. 398 (2015)


  • Acts that occurred in South Carolina may be considered by the North Carolina trial court when determining whether the child was neglected. It was undisputed the child was left in SC, “was shifted among various adults whose relationship to the child was increasingly attenuated” and was eventually left with her father’s half-brother’s stepmother’s mother-in-law, who was 78 years old.
  • Evidence that the 9-year-old child shared a bed with two other children, one of whom was her 7-year-old male cousin, who tried five time to kiss or touch her private parts, supports the conclusion that the child did not receive proper care or supervision from a parent.
  • Additional evidence that the child was present when adults were using marijuana and that she moved from one adult’s home to another without her parent determining if these adults were fit caretakers supports the conclusion that she was at substantial risk of harm or impairment.


Abuse, Neglect, Dependency
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