State v. Harris, 236 N.C. App. 388 (2014)

  • G.S. 14-316.1 does not require a parental or caregiver relationship between the defendant and the juvenile. Instead, it requires defendant’s conduct to have placed the juvenile in a position where she did not receive proper care from a caretaker or was not provided necessary medical care. Defendant’s behaviors made it so that this juvenile did not receive proper care from a caretaker.
  • Facts: At a party, the 67 year old Defendant approached an 8 year old who was in a bedroom and offered her a cup of liquor and tried to make her drink it, touched her buttocks, played with her hair, put his finger in her mouth and said “suck it baby,” and talked about sucking on her breasts. He appeals his criminal convictions of contributing to the abuse or neglect of a minor and misdemeanor sexual battery.


Criminal Cases with Application to Child Welfare
Contributing to the Abuse or Neglect of a Juvenile
Proper Care from Parent or Caretaker
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