In the Matter of B.B., __ N.C.App. __ (February 5, 2019)

  • Facts: The juvenile was committed to a Youth Development Center under a Level 3 disposition that resulted from a violation of his probation. This appeal was based on the district court’s denial of a request for a continuance made by the juvenile’s attorney at the review hearing. The attorney requested a continuance because he had just met his client that afternoon and a potential witness was not available to testify. The court denied that request and ordered the Level 3 disposition.
  • Opinion: The appeal is dismissed as moot because the juvenile reached the age of 18 and was discharged from the Youth Development Center while the appeal was pending. As a result, the subject matter of the appeal ceased to exist. While the briefing period for the appeal concluded prior to the juvenile’s eighteenth birthday, the juvenile did not file a supplemental brief addressing mootness or presenting any collateral consequences of the disposition order.
Probation Violations
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