In the Matter of D.R.H., 194 N.C. App.166 (2008)

No Error
Vacated in Part

Although a worksheet alone is not sufficient proof of a juvenile’s delinquency history, the Court of Appeals concluded that the juvenile stipulated to the history information in the court counselor’s report when the juvenile’s attorney received and reviewed the report and failed to object. The court noted, in addition, that nothing in the juvenile’s brief suggested that any of the listed adjudications did not in fact exist. [Because there was no precedent interpreting G.S. 7B-2507(f), which addresses proof of prior adjudications in juvenile cases, the Court of Appeals looked to cases decided under the comparable criminal law provision in G.S. 15A-1340.14(f).]

Delinquency History Level
Prior Adjudications; Proof
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