In the Matter of J.C., 205 N.C. App. 301 (2010)


The evidence was sufficient to support the court’s adjudication of a juvenile as delinquent for possession of a weapon on school grounds in violation of G.S. 14-269.2(d) where evidence showed that, while on school grounds, the juvenile possessed a 3/8-inch thick steel bar forming a C-shaped “link” about 3 inches long and 1½ inches wide, the link closed by tightening a ½-inch thick bolt and the object weighed at least one pound, and the juvenile could slide several fingers through the link so that it could be held securely across his knuckles and used as a weapon. The trial court found that the juvenile possessed a “steel link from a chain which is equivalent in appearance and use to metallic knuckles.” The statute specifically lists metallic knuckles as weapons, and a box for that type weapon is on the form petition but was not checked.

Criminal Offenses
Possession of Weapons on School Grounds
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