NC Local Government Budget Association

The North Carolina Local Government Budget Association (NCLGBA) is a professional organization of people interested in the exchange of knowledge for individuals concerned with budget and evaluation responsibilities of local government. The Association's main goals are as follows:

  • To strengthen communications and provide opportunities for professional growth and development through the exchange of ideas
  • To investigate, study, discuss, and recommend improvements in the application of budget and evaluation methods
  • To collect, compile, and distribute pertinent information about the administration of budget responsibilities
  • To promote, sponsor, or conduct training and education programs through the participation in Association sponsored events and meetings

For more information, see the Association website at



Performance Budgeting for State and Local Government, Second Edition, 2010, by Janet M. Kelly and William C. Rivenbark. Published by M.E. Sharpe, Inc.

Budget-Balancing Tactics in Local Government, by David N. Ammons and Trevor A. Fleck, February 2010 (Available at no charge as a view-only PDF and offered for sale in hard copy format.)



Anyone can join the NCLGBA listserv. It is an excellent vehicle for exchanging information or asking questions of experts.

Messages and membership to the listserv are not screened. Replies to the listserv are distributed to all listserv members.

If you have any questions or problems regarding the listserv, please contact William C. Rivenbark with the School of Government.

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