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Essentials of Municipal Government and LeaderShop for Veteran Elected Officials

This course is sponsored by North Carolina League of Municipalities .

Registration is open.

After the November elections, UNC School of Government and the North Carolina League of Municipalities jointly hold a two-day conference in five locations across the state for newly elected officials, veteran elected officials and their managers.

Below are details for the 3 different registration options for this two day program. 








  1. Essentials of Municipal Government (both days): The first day focuses on newly elected officials, but entire boards and managers are encouraged to attend together. The second day is about working together as a board. Includes: Handbook for NC Mayors and Council Members, Days One and Two of Essentials, state-mandated ethics training, and Budgetopolis—a budget simulation.                                                                                                                                                                                 
  2. LeaderShop for Veteran Elected Officials (1st day only): 2018 Topic: Leading Change in Your Community and Region. This program is open to both county and municipal veteran elected officials and their managers. Includes: the one day LeaderShop on Leading Change, and mandated ethics training. Does NOT include Day Two of Essentials, the Handbook for NC Mayors and Council Members, or the Budget Simulation.                                                                                                                                                              
  3. Combination Course (both days) LeaderShop for Veteran Elected Officials: Leading Change, PLUS Day two of Essentials of Municipal Government 
    This program is open to municipal veteran elected officials and managers. Day one is the Leadershop for Veteran Elected Officials: Leading Change. Day two in Essentials focuses on working together as a board. Includes: LeaderShop—Leading Change, Handbook for NC Mayors and Council Members, state-mandated ethics training, and Budgetopolis—a budget simulation                                                                                                                                                                                            

LeaderShop: During this two-day Essentials of Municipal Government, we also offer a one-day LeaderShop for Veteran Elected Officials. This LeaderShop is open to both county and municipal veteran elected officials and their managers.  This year's topic is "Leading Change in Your Community and Region".  Local governments can’t solve complex public problems alone.  Planning for safe and adequate water supplies, growing local economies, and even finding efficiencies in service delivery are issues that transcend jurisdictional or organizational boundaries.  No one organization has the power, resources, or ability to tackle these issues without involving others.  Please join us for an engaging workshop where you will learn how to extend your leadership to move beyond influencing issues within your city/county organization to influencing change in the broader community and region.  You will learn what it means to have a collaborative mindset; how to frame issues for broad appeal and support; ways to convene stakeholder groups; and how to formulate strategies that generate action and accountability for moving joint initiatives forward.

A note on ETHICS TRAINING: The Ethics session taught during the above conference satisfies the 2 hour state mandated Ethics Training for local elected officials. If you would like to see online opportunities to take the 2 hours of Ethics training, please click on the ethics training opportunities on the right side of this page. 

To Register and get hotel and meeting location information, click on the 5 offerings above.

Materials are located under the Materials tab. 


EMG or the Combination program is 18 LELA credits. The Veteran Workshop is 6 LELA credits. 

There currently are no scheduled offerings of this course.

Materials will be available electronically for download in December.  Below are the agendas for each location/offering.  

For all registration questions, resetting passwords, or login issues please contact:

Dale Zuckert

Assistant Registrar
For questions regarding course details, including location, schedule, materials, and continuing education credits, please contact:

Toogie Hampton

Program Management Team Lead, Leadership Group
James E. Holshouser Jr. Distinguished Professor of Public Administration and Government
Richard Morse
Associate Professor of Public Administration and Government
Lydian Altman
Senior Manager of Leadership Curriculum Development