Parking Alert: South Road Construction

Partial road barriers have been placed at the intersection of South Road and Country Club Road due to a summer construction project. The School’s parking deck is open and accessible from South Road for the duration of the project by driving between the two barriers and entering the parking gate immediately on the left.

Juvenile Law Bulletin

Guardians ad Litem for Respondent Parents in Juvenile Cases

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

This bulletin updates Juvenile Law Bulletin #2013/01, “Guardians ad Litem for Respondent Parents in Juvenile Cases” in light of the enactment of S.L. 2013-129. It covers the questions of when the court should appoint a guardian ad litem for a parent, and the role the guardian ad litem should play once appointed, which remain relevant in trying to implement the law properly.

Bulletin file:
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