County and Municipal Government in North Carolina, Second Edition, 2014 (E-book)

The Attorney and the Clerk

Chapter number: 14
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County and Municipal Government in North Carolina

The Attorney / 231

Typical Arrangements / 232
Considerations in Providing Legal Services / 233
Retained or Full-Time Attorney / 234
General Factors / 234
Cost Concerns / 235
Options for Full-Time Representation / 235
The Clerk / 236
Appointment / 237
Record Keeping / 237
Minutes / 237
Ordinance Book and Code of Ordinances / 239
Other Records / 239
Notice Giving / 240
Oaths of Office / 240
Closing-Out Sales (City Clerks) / 240
General Assistance to the Governing Board / 241
Research and General Assistance / 241
Agendas and Preparations for Meetings / 241
Information Source / 241
Combination of the Clerk’s Position with
Other Responsibilities / 242
Professionalism and Continuing Education / 242
Additional Resources / 243
About the Author / 243

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