County and Municipal Government in North Carolina, Second Edition, 2014 (eBook)

General Ordinance Authority

Chapter number: 5
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County and Municipal Government in North Carolina

Defining the General Ordinance Authority of

Counties and Cities in North Carolina / 78
Sources of the General Ordinance Authority / 78
Scope of the General Ordinance Authority / 79
Judicial Approaches to Local Government Power / 79
Impact of King v. Town of Chapel Hill on the
General Ordinance Authority / 81
Other Provisions in the Police Power Statutes / 82
Exercising General Ordinance Authority / 83
Territorial Limits of General Ordinance Authority / 84
Preemption of Local Ordinances / 84
Ordinance Enforcement / 85
Criminal Actions / 86
Civil Actions / 86
Civil Penalties / 86
Equitable Remedies / 87
Public Nuisance Abatement / 87
Adoption and Filing of Local Ordinances / 88
Adoption of Ordinances / 88
Filing of Ordinances / 88
About the Author / 90