Human Trafficking: Mandated Reporting and Agency Response

Friday, January 13, 2023

The purpose of this primer is to explain North Carolina reporting laws as they apply to human trafficking so that any person can understand when they are required to make a report, how to make a report, and where the report must be made. A brief explanation of how an agency receiving a report handles the report is provided. This primer is not meant to be a tool for how to screen for human trafficking. 

Designed to be user friendly, this primer includes a general definitions section, mandated reporting sections separated by juvenile and adult victims or survivors of human trafficking and by the agency to which the report is made. Included in the primer are sample conversations addressing confidentiality, case examples identifying when and where reports must be made, a flowchart addressing mandated reporting of juvenile victims or survivors of human trafficking, and a flowchart addressing mandated reporting of adult victims or survivors of human trafficking. This primer is color coded by reporting agency for easier reference: green indicates a county department of social services; blue indicates a local law enforcement agency.

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Friday, January 13, 2023
Sara DePasquale
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