Land Records Bulletin Series

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Register of Deeds Automation Enhancement and Preservation Fund–Best Practices Nick Peak, Charles Szypszak 2016

This bulletin examines the “automation enhancement and preservation fund” (AEPF) requirement for registers of deeds and provides recommendations for best practices.

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2011 Changes in the Laws and Regulations Regarding Satisfactions, Recording Fees, Format Requirements, Electronic Plats, Military Discharge Access, and Indexing Charles Szypszak 2011

In 2011 the North Carolina General Assembly revised the laws governing methods for making a record of security instrument satisfaction, the amount and allocation of recording fees, document format

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Registers' Public Records in the Digital Era Emily Roscoe, Charles Szypszak 2010

This bulletin reviews the laws, regulations, and standards that apply to the offices to North Carolina's registers of deeds, including those that apply to electronic records.

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When Is Plat Review Officer Certification Required? Charles Szypszak 2006

Since 1997, North Carolina law has required that any plat to be presented to the register of deeds first be reviewed and certified by a county review officer, unless the plat is of a type that is t

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