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The LGLawyers listserv is an email communication forum primarily intended for attorneys who represent North Carolina local governments. The list administrator will also approve membership for attorneys who regularly advise local governments, or who teach local government law (such as university faculty members, legislative or state agency attorneys, or attorneys employed by the N.C. League of Municipalities and the N.C. Association of County Commissioners). Archived posts are public records and may be viewed by anyone here, by clicking on the “visit” link. Commercial advertisements are not permitted.

Joining and Participating in the Listserv
You can submit a request to join the list here by clicking on the “subscribe” link. A list administrator must verify that you meet the membership requirement before permitting participation. Discussion on this listserv is unmoderated. This means no one approves the messages before they are distributed to members. As a listserv member, you can send e-mail messages to all other subscribing members, and you will receive copies of any messages sent by other subscribing members. You may reply to postings either by sending e-mail to the list or by replying to an individual. Questions regarding the LGLawyer listserv should be e-mailed to Kara Millonzi.

Please remember the following about the listserv:

Posts are a public record (here and in the email boxes of all recipients and senders).
Attorneys should be careful not to disclose confidential client information on the listserv.
Archived posts are public records and may be viewed by anyone.

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