North Carolina City Clerks (clerks)

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The clerks listserv promotes communication among city and county clerks on matters of common interest. Clerks can use it to express concerns to or ask questions of their peers. If you subscribe, you can send e-mail messages to all other subscribing members, and you will receive copies of any messages sent by other subscribing members. You may reply to a posting either by sending an e-mail to the list or solely to the sender.

Click the subscribe button above to be added to the electronic mailing list. Your request will be transmitted to a list administrator who will review the request. Once approved, you will begin receiving messages from the list.

A listserv member can send a message to the list two different ways:

  • address a message to (link sends e-mail), or
  • send a “reply” to any Listserv message you received.

You can unsubscribe from this list at any time. To do so, send an email to (link sends e-mail) with the subject line "unsubscribe clerks" without the quotation marks.

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