The School of Government's Commitment

The School of Government, in pursuit of its mission to improve the lives of North Carolinians, and as a unit of a public university, is committed to maintaining an educational and work environment in which all individuals are respected and valued. The School is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for our employees, our students, and the public officials and citizens for whom we provide education and services. The School values and respects diversity in its many forms, including race, ethnicity, national origin, economic background, regional identification, disability, religious affiliation or  spiritual affinity, political affiliation, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, and veteran status.

Consistent with University policy and with the School’s educational mission, we recognize that education takes place most productively among people with an array of social and cultural backgrounds, economic circumstances, personal characteristics, philosophical perspectives, and life experiences. The School is committed to creating and maintaining a mutually respectful intellectual environment in which diverse opinions and experiences are valued. Through our teaching, writing, and advising, we recognize the importance of identifying and understanding the various needs of North Carolina’s diverse populations. The School’s MPA Program has integrated its diversity philosophy into its competency-based curriculum. Learn more about MPA program’s diversity philosophy here.

The School is committed to a diverse workforce. A diverse faculty and staff within the School of Government allows for a range of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives, which allows the School to better serve North Carolina citizens and the officials who serve them, as the population of our state becomes increasingly more diverse. 

As an organization, we value the contributions of all employees and have embraced a philosophy of transparency, support, and inclusiveness in our interactions with coworkers. While each of us plays a different role in the School’s work, we recognize the expertise and effort that each person contributes. We place great emphasis on open and effective communication among employees, regardless of status or seniority. 


Faculty Coordinator