School of Government Accessibility

Building access and elevators

The Knapp-Sanders Building has three accessible entrances for guests.

  • North entrances
    • Both entrances face South Road at the front of the building and connect to the second floor.
    • Each door may be accessed via a ramp with handrails.
    • Both doors have push-button door actuators for entry and exit.
  • West entrance
    • This entrance faces the School of Government parking deck and connects to the first floor of the building.
    • It is accessible by brick sidewalks with curb cuts.
    • This door has a push-button actuator for entry and exit.
  • Elevators
    • Elevators are available near the center of the building.
    • The first floor elevators may be accessed in room 1500. It is located through a separate doorway to the right of the west entrance on the first floor.
    • Central elevators on the second floor are at the corner of the 2500 and 2400 classrooms, near the client refreshment area.

Accommodations through the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office (EOC)

If you are registered for a School course and need an accommodation to participate, please share that information in your course registration when prompted. You may also request an accommodation directly or ask questions by contacting EOC at accommodations@unc.edu or by phone at 919-966-3576.

Accommodations are available for individuals with the following needs:

  • Disability accommodations to employees, applicants for employment, and visitors to campus (including course participants)
  • Religious accommodations to employees, students, and employment applicants
  • Pregnancy, lactation, and related medical conditions accommodations for employees, students, and employment applicants

Examples of reasonable accommodations may include:

  • Reserved seating for clients with hearing impairments, visual impairments, mobility concerns, or other needs
  • Course documents delivered in advance or with accessible formatting, such as large print and closed captions
  • Extended test-taking time for clients with fine motor limitations, visual impairments, or learning differences

You may visit EOC’s accommodations website or read the Accommodations Policy or Accommodations Procedure for more information.

For visitors with pregnancy and religious accommodations requests, please contact the School using their contact form or call 919-966-5381.

Course accommodations through Accessibility Resources and Service (ARS)

Accommodations for UNC students are provided through UNC ARS. An easy way to know if you are a UNC student is whether you have a PID or are seeking UNC credit for a course. You may visit the ARS website to request an accommodation.

For questions, please contact ARS at ars@unc.edu or by phone at 919-962-8300.


Reserved accessible parking is available and clearly marked on the upper level of the School of Government Parking Deck. Visitors can access the Knapp-Sanders Building through connected sidewalks with curb cuts.

To find accessible parking and other accommodations throughout campus, please use the UNC Campus Accessibility Map. Find resources on visiting the School on our Visitor Information page.

Quiet Room

The School of Government quiet room is located on the third floor of the building in room 3100. It may be used for many purposes, including decompression from sensory overload, meditation, rest, or as a pumping room.

This space is equipped with a reclining rocking chair, side tables, soft lighting, and a sink. The door has an available lock and occupancy slider to indicate use. It is available to course attendees, faculty, staff, and students. A sign-up sheet is located outside the room and it is available on a first-come, first-served basis.


If you have a question related to accessibility and accommodations, please contact the School using our contact form or call 919-966-5381.

You may request an accommodation or ask questions by contacting EOC at accommodations@unc.edu or by phone at 919-966-3576.

If you are a UNC credit-seeking student, you may request an accommodation by contacting ARS at ars@unc.edu or by phone at 919-962-8300.

Report an access concern

Individuals who encounter a barrier to access (physical, programmatic, parking, etc.) on the basis of disability and at UNC-Chapel Hill, may report it to the EOC. The EOC will conduct a timely and impartial review of concerns.

Report an access concern here.