Departments may choose to compensate study subjects with gift cards as an alternative to cash. Gift cards may be purchased from the cash advance. Please submit a ticket to the Business Office ticketing System for your cash advance request, we will send you the forms that you need to prepare.

Requesting Cash Advance

Please note that the Cash Advance Agreement includes a provision to allow the total amount of the advance to be deducted from the employee's pay if the settlement is not completed on the agreed date which is in 60 days.

Reconciling Cash Advance

Please obtain the following documentations and submit them to your original cash advance request ticket right after you complete your transactions for reconciling the cash advance:

  • Paid original receipts (except in the case of an approved UNC Institutional Review Board (IRB) request, in which the confidentiality of the recipients' identities is critical to the study);
  • A check to the school if you have any unspent amount;
  • Finance Form 307.1.4f - Reconciliation of Cash Advance for Study Subjects.

If you use the entire cash advance and additional personal funds to complete the transactions, please let us know in the ticket, we will make check request to reimbursement you.

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