The Opioid Response Project

Children and Youth Engagement

Children and Youth Engagement:

These resources focus on a broad range of children and youth involvement in the opioid crisis, including resiliency and trauma resources, prevention and education efforts, and criminal justice diversion programs. Communities may use these resources to understand the relationship between childhood trauma and opioids, invest in resiliency networks, or create their own education or diversion initiatives based on promising practices.

Camp H.E.A.L (Helping Everyone Achieve Life, Love, & Laughter) - This camp, hosted by City Lights Ministry in Winston Salem, is a resource for kids who are coping with a parent battling addition or the loss of a parent due to substance use disorder.

Center for Child and Family Health - This Durham organization has resources for families and agencies dealing with childhood trauma, including prevention and treatment options related to substance use disorders.

Center for Prevention Services - This Charlotte-based organization is a prevention and education center using evidence-based practices to teach children and families about substances, including opioids (ex. youth surveys, online resources, and educational trainings).

Child Trauma and Opioid Use: Policy Implications (2018) PDF - This resource documents how substance use and trauma affect children and families, as well as clinical interventions, prevention efforts, and resources for children and families affected.

Children and Family Futures - This organization strives to prevent child abuse and neglect while improving safety, permanency, well-being and recovery outcomes for children, parents and families affected by trauma, substance use and mental health disorders.

D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Free Online Opioid Lesson - This resource has an online and offline version of a lesson for elementary, middle, and high school students about opioid use prevention.

Durham Together for Resilient Youth (TRY): Drug-Free Community Coalition - This organization provides resources on drug use and misuse education and prevention, specifically for children and adolescents.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Vaping: Partnership for Drug-Free Kids - This resource provides talking points for parents and guardians to address adolescent vaping of e-cigarettes, including understanding adolescents’ motivations and setting expectations.

Juvenile Crime Prevention Councils - This webpage contains information about JCPCs, which are organizations in each county to galvanize community leaders, locally and statewide, to reduce and prevent juvenile crime, including drug misuse.

NC DHHS Infant Plan of Safe Care - The plan of safe care is a referral to DSS Care Coordination for Children, which can arrange medical services, health assessments, and education for families, including identification of appropriate childcare.

North Carolina Youth Drug Treatment Courts - NC Youth Drug Treatment Courts focus on juvenile delinquency matters and status offenses that involve substance-using youths. This webpage contains information about the courts, their eligibility requirements, and existing courts in the state.

School Justice Partnership (SJP) - This organization is a group of community stakeholders that work to reduce the number of suspensions, expulsions, and referrals to the justice system by constructively addressing student misconduct when and where it happens.