The Opioid Response Project

North Carolina Opioid Data Sources

North Carolina Opioid Data Sources:

These resources contain relevant data on opioid use, misuse, and overdoses in North Carolina. Sites include mapping that focuses on hot spots for opioid use and deaths, drug trafficking, Narcan deployment, and overdose detection. Communities may use this data to understand the challenges specific to their populations and measure progress toward their goals for mitigating the epidemic.


Cabarrus County Narcan Deployment Heat Density Map: Geographic Information Systems - This GIS heat map tracks Narcan deployment in Cabarrus County, highlighting hotspots on a monthly basis. Other communities may want to develop a similar resource.

DETECT: NC Disease Event Tracking and Epidemiologic Collection Tool - NC DETECT is a syndromic surveillance system that uses EMS, emergency department, urgent care, and Poison Control data to track a variety of illnesses, including opioid misuse.

HIDTA: High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas - North Carolina is part of the Atlanta Carolinas HIDTA area, which works to coordinate law enforcement initiatives to reduce illegal drug trafficking and usage in communities.

NC Controlled Substances Reporting System - This system collects information on controlled substances from prescribers and dispensers and makes that information available to medical providers. Its goal is to improve care, safety, and accountability while simultaneously identifying individuals who may need substance use treatment.

NC Opioid Data Dashboard - This dashboard contains opioid data, as well as the NC Action Plan for addressing opioid overdoses in the state via the integration and visualization of state- and county-level metrics.

ODMAP: Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program - ODMAP tracks both fatal and nonfatal opioid overdoses nationally through jurisdictions uploading their real-time data into the system. Many county police departments, public health agencies, and other organizations in North Carolina participate in the program.

Poisoning Data: NCDHHS Injury and Violence Prevention Branch - Poisoning Data tracks deaths, hospitalizations, and emergency department visits due to poisoning, including medication and drug poisoning.

Policy Map: Tracking the Opioid Epidemic - Policy Map developed county-level data mapping for opioid dispensation, use, and misuse nationally using data from 2016.