Planning and Development Regulation

PlanNC Guidebook and Learning Network

Across North Carolina, the clock is ticking for communities to have a comprehensive or land use plan. Beginning on July 1, 2022, NC towns and counties must have a reasonably up-to-date plan in order to enforce zoning. Often the most difficult part is getting started, but the School of Government is offering an array of resources to help towns begin the planning process.

PlanNC Guidebook: A Practitioner’s Guide to Preparing Streamlined Community Plans is a practical guide for planners and local government staff for crafting a meaningful comprehensive or land use plan with limited time and resources. The electronic Guidebook describes a seven-step planning process, offers examples from North Carolina communities, and provides detailed templates for each step. The PlanNC Guidebook is $23.

Purchase of the PlanNC Guidebook and Learning Network grants access to the electronic guidebook, with the added benefits of video introductions of each step of the seven-step process (recordings from a recent PlanNC Workshop) and access to discussion forums with other planning professionals. Most notably, purchasers are invited to participate in monthly PlanNC peer-learning video-conference calls. These calls will be a peer network to discuss key planning topics of interest, share experiences, and crowdsource solutions to the challenges and opportunities that arise in preparing community plans. The calls begin September 23 and continue through May 2022. The PlanNC Guidebook + Learning Network is $215.