The 160D proposal has been introduced in the 2017 session of the North Carolina General Assembly as  S. 419.  The bill was unanimously passed by the Senate on June 28, 2017 and is eligible for consideration by the House of Representatives in 2018. The principal impact of the bill is to:

(1)   Consolidate current city and county enabling statues now in Chapters 153A and 160A into a single, unified new Chapter 160D of the General Statutes. 

(2)   Place these statutes into a more logical, coherent organization, facilitating ease of finding relevant provisions and clarifying how the statutes relate to one another. 

(3)   Provide uniform authority, definitions and procedures for cities and counties, while retaining broad substantive policy discretion for ordinances adopted by individual jurisdictions.

While not making major policy shifts in existing legislation, the bill modernizes the language of the statute to remove obsolete terminology and clarify existing provisions without making substantive changes. In addition, a number of consensus modest reforms that have the broad support of the local government and development community are incorporated (a list of these is linked below). 


For a summary of the bill, including a list of substantive changes to existing laws, click here

For an  annotated version of the bill as adopted by the Senate on 6/28/17 (third edition of the bill), click here.

For a table showing the location of existing statutes in the proposed Chapter 160D, click here.

For the Senate staff summary of the bill, click here.

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