Contracting for Construction and Design Services

This course is sponsored by Carolinas Association of General Contractors.

Due to COVID-19 precautions and travel restrictions, this course will be held in an online format using Zoom.  Virtual live sessions will be held on Monday, September 28 through Friday, October 2, 2020 each morning from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 pm (with class held until 12:30 pm on Monday, September 28). 

This year’s online version of the course will feature some asynchronous content, such as pre-recorded video segments, and synchronous live sessions with instructors.

This course addresses topics of interest to those involved in public construction contracting at the local government level or in the procurement of the services of engineers and architects. Topics of discussion will include:

  • bidding procedures;
  • construction methods, including alternative delivery;
  • minority participation and reporting requirements;
  • legal aspects of construction contracts;
  • contract administration; and
  • selection of design services.

A panel will address recommended practices in construction, including Joint AIA/AGC Committee recommendations, as well as hot topics in construction contracting across the State.

The online format and virtual delivery will not change the substantive content of the course, and the course will continue to fulfill the requirements for the CAGP Certified Local Government Purchasing Officer (CLGPO) certification.  

New Registration Process for this Online Course

Attendees will need to be registered in 2 places: Once through SOG via the register links above like we’ve always done, and also through Zoom using the same name and email address for both registrations.

Here’s how it works

  • Once you complete your registration(s) through the links above, you will receive a confirmation email that also contains a special link to complete an additional registration form in Zoom.
  • Do not share your zoom registration link with others as it is unique only to the person receiving it. 
  • This Zoom registration ensures accurate attendance records and adds a layer of security.
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Receiving a Certificate of Completion

  • You will need to be registered in our system as well as in Zoom, using the same name and email address in both systems. (see above section titled New Registration Process for this Program)
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  • You will need to attend this program using a computer/laptop/ipad with internet, preferably equipped with a camera and microphone. (See below section Titled Advance Preparation for the Program)

Advance Preparation for the Program
It is important that you test and troubleshoot your equipment prior to the course. With over 100 people in this program, technical assistance the day of or during the program is very limited.


  • You will need a computer/laptop/iPad with internet to attend, preferably equipped with a camera and microphone. This is to receive full credit for attending. You will need to see/hear speakers, other attendees and also participate in class using polling, the chat box and other class exercises.
  • Can I just call in from my phone and listen to the program? No. In order to receive a complete for this program you must be able to see the speaker and presentation documents, participate in polling, and see and use the chat box, and yes/no buttons. You cannot do all this from your phone. 
  • My computer does not have a camera. You can participate with a computer that is not equipped with a camera. By joining from a computer not equipped with a camera, you can still see the presentation, participate in polling, see and use the chat box. We just will not be able to see you.
  • I have a camera on my computer but do not wish to use my video function during this session. You have the ability to turn your own video on or off at any time during the meeting and still see the presentation and chat features. 
  • My computer is not equipped with a microphone. You will need to access Zoom with your phone AND your computer. Click on the following link for information about using both:  How do I join a meeting by phone and pair it with my screen name for accurate attendance?

Zoom Testing

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  • Test your video HERE to ensure your camera is working correctly.
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  • If you have questions or issues when testing your equipment PRIOR to the session, please contact Carla Stowe at
  • For technical assistance the day of your session, email the SOG helpdesk at



Additional information

Attendees: Local government purchasing officials

Certification: This course is required for the CLGPO (Certified Local Government Purhasing Officer) certification.

Credit: This course includes continuing education credits for attorneys, architects, and engineers, and is required for CLGPO (Certified Local Government Purchasing Officer) certification.








There currently are no scheduled offerings of this course.

We are now utilizing Sakai for all class materials. Sakai is an online site accessible to registrants only. You will receive instructions on how to log on this site about 1 week prior to class. If you do not receive this email from Sakai by 5pm Tuesday, 9/15, please email Carla Stowe at 

See below for the copy of Sakai instructions that will be emailed to all registrants Tuesday, 9/15 from and a Sakai Troubleshooting Guide for issues AFTER creating your account and encouter log in issues. 


Sakai Instructions (pdf, 1 MB)
For all registration questions, resetting passwords, or login issues please contact:

Dale Zuckert

Assistant Registrar, Registration and Client Services Group
For questions regarding course details, including location, schedule, materials, and continuing education credits, please contact:

Carla Stowe

Program Manager, Local and State Government Group
Assistant Professor of Public Law and Government