Elevate Organizational Performance

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This course is open to professionals and elected officials. It is available on demand via a request from your jurisdiction. Please contact Lydian Altman at lydian@sog.unc.edu if you are interested in this option.

Local governments that focus on the fundamentals of leadership, strategic planning, performance improvement, and genuine engagement can knit together a high-performance framework to deliver positive, consistent results to elevate organizational performance and, ultimately, enhance the quality of life for their communities.

Course participants will learn theory and hear practical ‘how to’ examples that bring to life the following framework elements for local government leaders. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Establish a High-Performance Organization (HPO) framework.
  • Build an organizational culture that positively influences and communicates performance results.
  • Align long-term strategies with quantifiable goals to serve as a roadmap for your organization.
  • Commit to quality and process improvement. And use performance data to drive policy and management decisions.
  • Engagement of your governing body and workforce in the development and implementation of strategic and performance management and workforce and empower innovation
  • Create opportunities for citizens and stakeholders to get involved, understand your processes, and influence outcomes.
  • Integrate your strategies and performance management throughout the various departments


Meet Your Instructor

Rebecca Jackson, Adjunct Faculty, Center for Public Leadership and Governance

Rebecca is a forward-thinking, dynamic professional with more than 20 years of experience in highly complex and regulated business and government settings. She enjoys a reputation for excellence in leadership as a synergist spearheading change management processes, helping develop teams, and driving organizational results. She builds consensus in diverse and complicated situations as an accomplished consultant and facilitator.

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