Performance Management in Purchasing and Contracting

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This course accounts for 1 point toward earning  or maintaining your CLGPO (Certified Local Government Purchasing Officer) title. 

This class is part of the Performance Management Course Series. To see the full list of courses offered please click HERE

This course focuses on converting performance information into decisions that enhance organizational outcomes. We will review performance management topics including goal setting, measurement, analysis, decision-making, and best practices. This course offers purchasing and contracting professionals the tools to use performance metrics to make evidence-based decisions in their organizations. We will employ accessible step-by-step techniques to demystify the performance management process for public managers and present flexible, pragmatic methods to implement these systems.

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain an understanding of performance management in purchasing and contracting
  • Analyze performance data
  • Connect performance information with organizational strategy
  • Use performance data for organizational learning and improvement
  • Mitigate the unintended consequences of performance management
  • Apply best practices in designing and implementing performance management systems


This course will be taught by Obed Pasha, Associate Professor of Public Management at the School of Government and Rachel Kaplan, Assistant Manager, Procurement Services for the City of Greensboro. 

Rachel Kaplan, CLGPO, NCCM is the Assistant Manager, Procurement Services for the City of Greensboro. Prior to joining Greensboro’s Procurement team, Rachel helped the City of High Point develop their Contracts Administrator and MWBE Coordinator positions She also worked at the University of North Carolina Charlotte as an Internal Auditor and as a Business Services Coordinator. Since 2015, she has served as the Administrative Editor for the Human Performance Journal. Rachel earned her Certificate in Grants and Contracts Administration from the University of North Carolina Charlotte in 2018, her CLGPO (Certified Local Government Purchasing Officer) in 2020, and her NCCM certification (North Carolina Contract Manager) in 2022.


Delivery Method:  

The online course consists of the following components: 

Asynchronous (to be completed before the week prior to the live session) 
  • 4 hours of asynchronous instructional videos and forums that introduce performance management concepts from a broad, generic perspective. 
  • Exercises and forums on the learning platform to solidify learning. 

Live Online 
  • Participants will join a 4 hour live online session over Zoom from 1pm - 5pm. The session will discuss ways to successfully implement performance management in Purchasing and Contracting, including best practices to solidify decision-making, operations, and routines. 

  • Document support, including templates for data management and decision-making. 



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