Public Executive Leadership Academy

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The Public Executive Leadership Academy dates are July 10–14 and August 7–11, 2023 in person at the School of Government. 

The application will open January 19 and close May 19, 2023.

Visit the Public Executive Leadership Academy home page for scholarship information, faculty lists and alumni. 

The Public Executive Leadership Academy provides city and county managers, their assistants, and key department heads the opportunity to learn more about themselves as leaders and to gain skills to lead and manage change in their communities. Participants will choose a "real world" project for leading regional, community or organizational change and develop a plan, in consultation with their learning teams, for carrying it out. This project will integrate and apply the leadership knowledge and skills developed during PELA. Participants will also work on a personal leadership development plan that will incorporate feedback from faculty, colleagues, and community stakeholders.

Acceptance into this program requirement: A minimum of 7 years’ experience in local government management with at least 5 years supervisory experience as a city or county manager, assistant manager, or department director. 

Fee: TBD (includes hotel and most meals)

Additional information

If you are interested in the Public Executive Leadership Academy (PELA) and the MPA program, clients can earn up to 5 credit hours from PELA that can be transferred into the MPA Program at UNC. Students must apply separately to each program. Once accepted into PELA, clients will need to register through the Friday Center prior to taking PELA to get the credit hours below. For more information on registering for credit, please visit the Friday Center website. For information on the MPA program, contact Cara Robinson, director of admissions at

GOV 663:  Public Executive Leadership Academy

o   5 credit hours

There currently are no scheduled offerings of this course.
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