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10A N.C.A.C. 71R .0405 State regulation

This regulation specifies what must be included in an application for services funded with Social Services Block Grant funding.

10A N.C.A.C. 69 .0201 State regulation

This state regulation provides that whenever there is inconsistency between federal or state statutes or regulations specifically addressing confidentiality issues, the agency must comply with the

G.S. 7B-1413 State statute

This statute governs access to records by The state Child Fatality Prevention Team and community child protection or child fatality prevention teams and the relatively strict confidentiality rules

G.S. 7B-301 State statute

This statute imposes a general duty for individuals and institutions to report to DSS if they have cause to suspect that a child has been abused, neglected, is dependent, or died due to maltreatmen

G.S. 7B-302 State statute

This statute is one of the most important confidentiality laws related to child protective services.
"Strictest Confidence" (G.S. 7B-302(a1))

G.S. 48-10-105 State statute

Unauthorized disclosure of identifying or nonidentifying information contained in confidential adoption records is a class 1 misdemeanor.

10A N.C.A.C. 71A .0201 State regulation

Upon receiving a report of abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation of a disabled adult, DSS may immediately tell the District Attorney's office and local law enforcement agencies if  there i

42 U.S.C. § 503(d) Federal statute

Wage, benefit, employment, and other specified information regarding claimants for unemployment benefits provided by a state unemployment compensation agency to a state or local social services age

10A N.C.A.C. 70E .0903 State regulation

When a county Department of Social Services places children in a foster home in a different county, the two county departments of social services shall agree in writing that the supervising county

G.S. 90-21.4(b) State statute

When an unemancipated minor child gives consent for the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of pregnancy, alcohol or substance abuse, emotional disturbance, or venereal disease or other diseases re

10A NCAC 69 .0201 State regulation

Whenever there is inconsistency between federal or state statutes or regulations specifically addressing confidentiality issues, the agency shall abide by the statute or regulation which provides m

7 C.F.R. 246.26 Federal regulation

WIC applicant or participant information is confidential, and state agencies must restrict the use and disclosure of confidential information to persons directly connected with the administration o

G.S. 132-1.1(a) State statute

Written communications to a state or local governmental body made within the scope of the attorney-client relationship by any attorney serving the public body concerning a claim against or on behal

G.S. 131D-10.6B State statute

 A residential child-care facility providing continuing full-time foster care must notify the state Department of Health and Human Services of a death of any resident of the facility.