10A NCAC 69 .0304

(a) The director or his/her delegated representative shall be present when the client reviews the record. The director or his/her delegated representative must document in the client record the review of the record by the client
(b) A client may contest the accuracy, completeness, or relevancy of the information in the client's record. If DSS (director or director's designee) determines correction is required by federal statute or regulation to support receipt of state or federal participation, and/or agrees with the client's requested correction, the correction of the contested information shall be inserted into the client record by the DSS director or his/her designee. If the director disagrees with the requested correction, the client shall be allowed to add a statement to the record. If the director's designee disagrees with the requested correction, the decision must be reviewed by his/her supervisor. Contested information shall not be deleted. All corrections and statements shall be made a permanent part of the client record and shall be disclosed to the recipient of the disputed information.
(c) Upon the written request of the client, his/her attorney, or his/her personal representative, the client may permit the personal representative or attorney to have access to his/her entire record or may restrict access to certain portions of his/her record.

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