58 N.C. Atty. Gen. Op. 33 (1988)

Confidentiality laws that apply to juvenile records do not apply to reports of motor vehicle incidents involving drivers under the age of 18.
"The investigations and records protected by the confidentiality provisions of G.S. § 7A-675 are those arising under the Juvenile Code. They are investigations or records pertaining to abuse, neglect or dependency of juveniles or delinquent or undisciplined behavior by juveniles. They form the basis for or are accounts of services extended to such juveniles or of proceedings against and dispositions relating to such juveniles. The report required by G.S. § 20-166.1(e), on the other hand, is a factual account of a motor vehicle collision. G.S. § 20-166.1(h). It does not charge an offense, nor does it form the basis for a charge. G.S. § 20-166.1(i). An investigation directed toward gathering information for the report is not a criminal investigation."

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