In re N.C.L., 89 N.C. App. 79, 365 S.E.2d 213 (1988)

"The duty of a guardian ad litem in a juvenile case is to see that the child's interests and needs are being met. This duty extends to involvement in the placement of juveniles for adoption. In re Wilkinson v. Riffel, 72 N.C.App. 220, 324 S.E. 2d 31 (1985). The guardian is empowered under G.S. 7A-659(f) to request information about and be consulted concerning the adoption selection process. This includes confidential adoption information regarding adoptive parents. Id. G.S. 7A-586 specifically provides that "the judge may grant the guardian ad litem the authority to demand information or reports whether or not confidential that may in the guardian ad litem's opinion be relevant to the case." (emphasis added) It was respondent's duty and right to inquire into DSS's handling of N.C.L.'s adoption, and it was within the district court's jurisdiction to order DSS to turn over the requested information, despite its confidential nature."

Children's Services

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