10A N.C.A.C. 23H .0101 et seq.

A county social services department may disclose information concerning an individual who applies for or receives Medicaid

  • to that individual;
  • with the individual’s consent;
  • to county social services employees for the purpose of determining eligibility, making referrals, consultation, or supervision;
  • to another county social services department when the client moves and applies for Medicaid;
  • to the state Division of Medical Assistance for purposes of supervision and reporting;
  • to federal, state, or county employees for the purpose of monitoring, auditing, evaluating, or facilitating the administration of other state and federal programs if the information is protected from further disclosure;
  • to the extent necessary to comply with federal or state laws, regulations, or court orders;
  • for approved research studies if individually-identifiable information will not be reported and other conditions are met.
Economic Services

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