10A N.C.A.C. 70A .0113

All information received by a county DSS in connection with its investigation of reports involving suspected child abuse, neglect, or dependency are confidential pursuant to other laws. 
Another regulation describes what is included in a protective services case record for a child for whom protective services are initiated or who is placed in DSS custody by the court. See 10A NCAC 70A .0112. This regulation allows DSS to allow access to the case record:
to state and federal agency personnel carrying out their lawful responsibilities for program audit and review;
pursuant to a court order; and
to the child or the child's attorney upon request.
It also allows DSS to share information and a summary of case documentation with public or private agencies or individuals that are helping with the provision of protective services.
Finally, it requires DSS to provide the district attorney (or a designee) with access to the case record.

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