G.S. 7B-700

Discovery authorized, subject to restrictions: DSS may share information relevant to an abuse, neglect, and dependency proceeding and participate in discovery, except that it is not authorized to disclose (1) the identity of the reporter, (2) information that would lead to the discovery of the reporter's identity, or (3) the identity of any other individual if DSS determines that disclosure would be likely to endanger the life or safety of that individual.
Local rules authorized: The chief district court judge may adopt local rules or enter an administrative order addressing the sharing of information among parties and the use of discovery.
Request for protective order authorized: A party may request that motion for discovery be denied, restricted, or deferred. Must submit requested materials for in camera inspection.
Redisclosure: Information obtained through discovery or sharing of information under this section may not be redisclosed if the redisclosure is prohibited by State or federal law.
GAL: Provisions authorizing discovery and information sharing do not apply to information or reports obtained by the guardian ad litem. Reports and records must be shared with all parties before they are submitted to the court. 

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