G.S. 7B-2902

Information held by DSS related to child welfare cases is subject to several confidentiality laws. If, however, a child dies or almost dies from suspected abuse, neglect, or maltreatment, some of the information maintained by DSS may be disclosed to the public upon request. 
Disclosure may be required only if (1) a person is criminally charged with having caused the child's death or near death, or (2) a person who has died would have been charged with having caused the child's death or near death.  
DSS may disclose only limited information, described as "findings and information." There are special protections for (1) psychiatric, psychological, or therapeutic evaluations and (2) information that reveals the identity of people who provided information related to the abuse, neglect, or maltreatment.
DSS must cooperate with a request from the public within five working days except in limited circumstances. If DSS denies the request, the requester may appeal to superior court for an order compelling disclosure.

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