G.S. 48-9-105

The court that exercised original jurisdiction with respect to an adoption may, upon motion and notice, enter an order allowing the disclosure of identifying or nonidentifying information from confidential adoption records to any individual if the court finds that, considering the adoptee’s best interest, the interests of the adoptee’s original and adoptive families, and other specified criteria, disclosure of the information is necessary for the protection of the adoptee or the public.
In determining whether to release this information, the court must consider:
the reason the information is sought;
whether information can be provided without disclosing an individual’s identity;
whether the individual to whom the information pertains is alive or dead;
the known preferences of the adoptee, the adoptive parents and family, and the birth parents and family regarding disclosure and the possible effects of disclosure on those persons;
the adoptee’s age, maturity, and needs;
the recommendation of a person appointed by the court to assess the request for disclosure;
any other factor that is relevant with respect to determining whether the benefit of releasing the requested information is greater than the benefit of not releasing the information.

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