In re G.T., 250 N.C. App. 50 (2016), aff'd per curiam, 370 N.C. 387 (2017)

Reversed in Part

reversal in part is related to the disposition

Respondent mother stipulated to the facts alleged in the department’s neglect and dependency petition, which included

  1. mother used marijuana, meth, and cocaine during her pregnancy and the child was born with a rapid heartbeat and signs of withdrawal;
  2. the mother was belligerent at the hospital, refused to take her psychiatric medication, had to have the infant removed from her, and was held on an involuntary commitment; and
  3. the father was present at child’s birth despite a DVPO ordering no contact with the mother after he stabbed her, dislocated her jaw, and held a gun to head threatening to kill her.

The stipulated findings of fact support the court’s conclusion that the child is neglected as a result of (1) lacking proper care, supervision, or discipline from a parent, (2) living in an injurious environment, (3) being exposed to controlled substances resulting in the child’s impairment, and (4) being at substantial risk of an impairment as a result of mother’s erratic behavior in the hospital and disregard for the DVPO against the father.

Abuse, Neglect, Dependency
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