In re N.T.U., 234 N.C. App. 722 (2014)


  • Pursuant to G.S. 50A-204(a), NC had temporary emergency jurisdiction because the child was present in NC and abandoned. G.S. 50A-204 does not require the court to make written findings of the circumstances that must exist for the court to exercise temporary emergency jurisdiction.
  • Facts: In September 2010, N.T.U. was born in South Carolina where he resided with his mother. One year later, respondent mother was arrested in a motel room in North Carolina, where she fled to in an effort to evade the South Carolina police.  She was arrested, while N.T.U. was in the motel room, for her alleged connection to a homicide and armed robbery in South Carolina. DSS filed a petition and obtained initial and then continued nonsecure custody after the court found it had temporary emergency jurisdiction under the UCCJEA. 


Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Temporary Emergency Jurisdiction
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