In re W.C.T., 280 N.C. App. 17 (2021)

  • Facts: This case involves 3 children, the youngest whom suffered second and third degree burns when he was 3 months old and was being watched by his paternal grandmother, with whom the parents and children lived. The infant’s injuries were not witnessed but various inconsistent and implausible explanations were provided. DSS became involved and ultimately filed a petition alleging the infant was abused, neglected, and dependent and his 2 siblings were neglected and dependent. After hearing, the juveniles were adjudicated as alleged. At initial disposition, the children were placed in DSS custody. Both parents appeal. Mother appealed the disposition as well as the adjudication.
  • The court did not abuse its discretion when ordering 1 hour of supervised visits a week. The visitation schedule is consistent with the recommendations of DSS and the children’s guardian ad litem. The court had a reasonable basis to limit mother’s visitation and it authorized additional visitation time if agreed to by the foster family and mother.
Abuse, Neglect, Dependency
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