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Open Government has emerged as a potent force, with governments at all levels working to achieve transparency and citizen engagement. Today, citizens are able to access public data sources, greater utilize digital services, and engage with government social media and other emerging channels.  But some are going even further when “going open”: engaging the public in the very production of public services. “Co-production” is about tapping into the oft-hidden capacity and value of constituents, and involving them directly as partners, and not merely customers. With co-production, agencies actively work with the public in defining their needs, designing the solutions, and even in the delivery of the resulting services.

Successful co-production can bring substantial benefits for local governments, from the strategic (stronger engagement from constituents and greater relevance for public policies and interventions) to the tactical (leveraging external skills and capacity). In essence, co-production can enable governments to do more, better, with less.

This workshop will dive deeply into the why’s and how’s of co-production. Co-production is a powerful tool participants will learn to use by understanding its challenges and methods for implementation. In addition, participants will hear about examples of co-production used in local governments, establish a framework to match different policy challenges to different models of co-production, and practice with actual tools available to practitioners. Participants will depart with an understanding of when and why co-production might fit in the context of their locality and organization, and specific resources to help bring co-production to reality.

Also, Dan Parham of Neighborland will be joining us to discuss a case study and his experiences with co-production.  

Note: Participants will need to bring a laptop to participate in many of the activities and sessions for the day. 



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