County and Municipal Government in North Carolina, Second Edition, 2014 (eBook)

Incorporation, Annexation, and City–County Consolidation

Chapter number: 2
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County and Municipal Government in North Carolina

Municipal Incorporation / 15

Repealing City Charters and Dissolving Counties / 17
Annexation / 17
Overview of Current Annexation Methods / 18 
Voluntary Annexation of Contiguous Areas / 18 
Voluntary Annexation of Noncontiguous (Satellite) Areas / 19 
Voluntary Annexation of High Poverty 
and Distressed Areas / 20 
Involuntary Annexation / 20 
Annexation by Legislative Act / 22 
The Effect of Annexation on Existing Public Services / 23 
Contracts with Fire Departments / 23 
Fire Department Debt / 23
Contracts with Solid Waste Collectors / 23
Taxation of Newly Annexed Property / 24 
Annexation Disputes between Cities / 24 
De-annexation / 24 
City–County Consolidation / 25 
The History of City–County Consolidation / 25 
Advantages and Disadvantages of City–
County Consolidation / 25 
Additional Resources / 26 
About the Author / 26