Planning and Zoning for Solar in North Carolina

Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Planning and Zoning for Solar in North Carolina, by Adam Lovelady, 2014

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The rapid rise of the solar industry in North Carolina has many communities debating how to handle this new land use.

  • How do we plan for solar energy investments?
  • How do we facilitate responsible solar development?
  • What are the potential land use impacts, and how can we address them?

These broad questions call for analyzing solar technologies and development, considering the legal framework for zoning and subdivision regulation, and balancing multiple policy considerations. Planning and Zoning for Solar in North Carolina provides a foundation for communities to begin evaluating solar development and crafting appropriate ordinances. It focuses on local land use planning and regulation in North Carolina, but the issues are common of solar development generally so discussions and lessons will apply in many communities across the United States. This publication was made possible by the generous support of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.

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