Financial Condition Analysis Resources

School of Government Financial Condition Model

This article describes the financial condition model developed by William C. Rivenbark, Dale J. Roenigk, and Greg S. Allison at the School of Government. The article was published in Popular Government and is available online.

Examples of the use of the School of Government Financial Condition Model by Local Governments

Several local governments have used the financial condition model for communicating potential policy decisions with their governing boards. We hope to expand this section of our website as more local governments use the model for decision-making.

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina

Other Financial Condition Models

There are numerous ways for analyzing the financial condition of a local government. Two additional approaches are the GFOA’s 10-Point Test and the ICMA’s Financial Trend Monitoring System (FTMS).

GFOA Original 10 Point Test Article Link
ICMA Evaluating Financial Condition: a Handbook for Local Government (FTMS) Book Link

Other States with Financial Condition Data Online

These states outside North Carolina have some financial condition analysis data for local governments available online.


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