Strategic Public Leadership

Strategic Public Leadership Initiative Courses

CourseBrief DescriptionWhen Offered
Strategic Public Leadership: A Working Plan in Twenty QuestionsThis one-day workshop provides local elected officials an opportunity to walk through a strategic cycle of planning, implementing, and evaluating results. Participants will begin outlining what they would like to accomplish in their own planning, budgeting, and evaluation process.Every Spring and As Requested
Positive Problem SolvingThis one-day workshop offers an overview of the underlying principles and benefits of using an asset-based approach to problem solving. The course emphasizes practical applications about current issues facing your organization or work group.As Requested
Change: You Can Bet on It!In this session participants will complete the Change Style Indicator assessment and learn about their personal change style and how that may influence choices and strategies when leading or managing through change. As Requested
Budgetopolis and Bottom Line! SimulationThis simulation uses an innovative and engaging tool created by the School of Government to help public officials make strategic long-term budget choices and help citizens understand the complexity of the local budgeting process. The facilitated simulations are designed as classic board games that approach budgeting as serious business.In Other SOG Courses and As Requested