Juvenile Justice Case Compendium (JJCC)

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**Special Note: The Juvenile Justice Case Compendium is maintained by LaToya Powell, who is now Assistant Legal Counsel with the Office of General Counsel at the NC Administrative Office of the Courts (previously Assistant Professor of Public Law and Government). Any questions or concerns about the compendium should be directed to her at LaToya.B.Powell@nccourts.org or (919) 890-1321.**

The Juvenile Justice Case Compendium (JJCC) is an on-line searchable database that consists of annotations of opinions addressing juvenile delinquency proceedings that have been published by the North Carolina appellate courts and the U.S. Supreme Court from January 2007 to present. The annotations are organized into eight different categories:

  • Jurisdiction
  • Motions to Suppress
  • Pre-Adjudication
  • Adjudication
  • Disposition
  • Post-Disposition
  • Appeal
  • Related Criminal Cases

A user may conduct a global search of the entire JJCC by keyword or phrase or may conduct and/or limit a search by using one of the eight Categories as a filter. Within each Category, additional filters have been created to allow a user to conduct a more focused search by using a Stage and/or Topic that is associated with a specific Category. For example, a search may be made by selecting the Category, “Disposition,” a Stage that relates to that selected Category (e.g. “Disposition Order”) and a “Topic” that applies to the selected Stage (e.g. “Findings”). 
Each annotation includes the case name and citation, a description of the holding, the judgment (including whether there is a dissent and/or stay), related tags (or pre-identified search terms) that allow users to see other case annotations with the same tag, and a link to the published opinion. Because cases are organized by discrete legal issue, a case may appear multiple times.
Suggestions or Questions

The purpose of the JJCC is to provide a searchable database of case annotations that is focused exclusively on issues impacting juvenile delinquency. It is meant to be a user-friendly tool for attorneys and judicial officials who work in this field. As you use the JJCC, you may have suggestions for how it can be improved (for example, are there new or better tags, stages, or topics; are there broken links; do you know of a stay that has been granted or lifted). Please contact LaToya Powell (LaToya.B.Powell@nccourts.org) with any and all feedback.

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