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Jill D. Moore

Associate Professor of Public Law and Government

Jill Moore is an expert on public health law, with a particular focus on communicable disease control law and reproductive health law. She is currently serving a five-year term as Secretary of the Faculty of UNC-Chapel Hill. 

As a faculty member at the School, she focuses on North Carolina public health law, especially legal issues in communicable disease control, adolescent health, local health department organization and governance, and medical privacy. She coordinates and teaches continuing education courses and conferences for North Carolina's local health directors, local health department employees, and other state and local government officials with an interest in public health law. Additionally, Moore maintains a website devoted to North Carolina public health law. She is the author of North Carolina Communicable Disease Law (2017) and is a regular contributor to the School’s Coates’ Canons Local Government Law Blog.

Moore is the recipient of the NC GlaxoSmithKline Child Health Lifetime Achievement Recognition Award (2022), the School's Margaret Taylor Writing Award (2018), and a co-recipient of the NC Association of Local Health Directors' Public Health Partners Award (2007). 

She joined the Institute of Government in 1997. Previously, she completed a one-year judicial clerkship with the Honorable Willis P. Whichard, Supreme Court of North Carolina. Moore earned a bachelor's degree, MPH, and J.D. with High Honors from UNC-Chapel Hill.


Selected Publications

Books, Chapters, & Reports

Moore, Jill D.. North Carolina Communicable Disease Law. Chapel Hill, NC: UNC School of Government (2017).

Moore, Jill, Public Health, in County & Municipal Government in North Carolina, 2d Ed. (Frayda Bluestein, ed.), Chapel Hill, NC: UNC School of Government (2014).

Wall, Aimee N., Moore, Jill, Berner, Maureen, Foster, Johanna, and Markiewicz, Milissa. “Comparing North Carolina’s Local Public Health Agencies: The Legal Landscape, the Perspectives, & the Numbers.” Chapel Hill, NC: UNC School of Government (2013).

Articles and Law Bulletins

Markiewicz, Milissa, Moore, Milissa, Foster, Johanna, Berner, Maureen, Matthews, Gene, and Wall, Aimee. “Comparing Types of Local Public Health Agencies in North Carolina.” Journal of Public Health Management & Practice, Vol. 19, No. 5 (Sept./Oct. 2013), 451-460.

Moore, Jill. “Immunizations for Children and Adolescents: Frequently Asked Questions about North Carolina’s Laws.” Health Law Bulletin No. 91 (July 2009) (16 pages).

Moore, Jill. “Are Immigrants Eligible for Publicly Funded Benefits and Services?” Local Government Law Bulletin No. 110 (May 2007).

Moore, Jill. “Pandemic Influenza and the Law: Isolation, Quarantine, and Other Legal Tools for Containing Outbreaks.” North Carolina Medical Journal, Vol. 68, No. 1 (Jan./Feb. 2007).

Weinberg, Michelle, Cannell, Robert, Moore, Jill, and Cetron, Marty. “Migration, Law, and the Public’s Health.” Journal of Law, Medicine, & Ethics, Vol. 33, No. 4. (Winter 2005) Special Supplement (conference proceedings).

Moore, Jill D., and Wall, Aimee. “Must Schools Comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule.” School Law Bulletin, Vol. 34, No. 2 (Spring 2003).

Moore, Jill D. “Health and Social Services Agencies’ Legal Duties to Clients with Limited English Proficiency.” Local Government Law Bulletin No. 97 (Feb. 2001).

Conference & Research Papers

Jill Moore, People, Pandemics, and Privacy(N.C. Bar Association, November 2020).

Jill Moore, Consent to Health Care for Minor Children: Overview of North Carolina Law (UNC School of Government, May 2016).

Jill Moore, Territorial Jurisdiction of Local Board of Health Rules Regulating Smoking in North Carolina (UNC School of Government, Feb. 2013).

Jill Moore, The 2009 H1N1 Epidemic and North Carolina Schools(Oct. 2009) (10 pages).


Contributor to Coates’ Canons: North Carolina Local Government Law Blog. Topics include COVID-19, communicable disease law, bloodborne pathogen exposures, smoking and tobacco regulation, boards of health, consolidated human services agencies.

On-Line Toolkit

North Carolina Drinking Water Incident Response Toolkit (Jill D. Moore, ed., 2019). Essential information about drinking water in North Carolina, with sections on pre-incident planning, tools for gathering local information, mutual aid for local governments, communication during drinking water incidents, and additional resources. Developed by the Drinking Water Working Group with the support the NC Policy Collaboratory and ncIMPACT.

Law Summaries for North Carolina Local Health Departments

Summary of New Legislation and Q&A for Local Health Departments: S.L. 2019-245 (S 199), Part I: Duty to Report Crimes Against Juveniles (November 2019).

Using & Disclosing Protected Health Information (PHI) (May 2018).

Disclosing Protected Health Information for Treatment, Payment, & Health Care Operations (TPO): Guide for NC Local Health Departments (May 2018).

Decision Tool: Is a Release Required for TPO Disclosure? (May 2018).

Disclosing Protected Health Information to Law Enforcement Officials: Overview for NC Local Health Departments (May 2018).

Decision Tool: Required Reports to Law Enforcement (May 2018).

Local Boards of Health in NC: Overview of Membership Requirements and Legal Authorities (March 2018).

Public Health Remedies at a Glance (August 2017).

Fields of Expertise
Communicable Disease Control
Confidentiality (Medical)
Consolidated Human Services Agencies
HIPAA Privacy Rule
Local Boards of Health
Medical Confidentiality
Public Health Law (selected issues in population health)
Regulation of Tobacco Products
Public Health Remedies
Selected Issues in Adolescent Health
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